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Domestic Violence Awareness Training

The ACFC is sincere about raising the awareness on the sensitive subject of Domestic Violence and would welcome the opportunity to provide awareness sessions ranging from a 12 hour — 2 hours, at your work location.

The ACFC has developed a "Power and Control" training and workbook to engage participants. These sessions lay out the cycle of domestic violence; brings understanding to the abuser and abused thought process and tips on encouraging both to seek help.

The ACFC can also partner with the Verizon Foundation and present the reality of domestic violence through the viewing of, "Telling Amy's Story". This DVD presents the real-life account of a Verizon Wireless employee from Pennsylvania whose homicide was a result of domestic violence. These sessions range from 12 hour — 1 hour.

For information on scheduling a Domestic Violence Awareness Training in your work location please click the link below or call 877-ACFC-HELPS and press prompt to speak with the ACFC Coordinator.

Visit the Domestic Violence page for more helpful resources related to this important topic.

ACFC – Advisory Council on Family Care
ACFC – Advisory Council on Family Care


ACFC Cares Fairs

The ACFC can host an ACFC Cares Fair at your work location. This event arranges a variety of internal ACFC and Verizon groups as well as community based organizations to come together under one roof. Representatives from our ACFC programs, Verizon resources and health, financial, educational, recreational, environmental and animal organizations are on hand to provide information, answer questions or demonstrate services that can help you and your family deal with your real-life demands.

Fairs are held at locations that have at least 100 employees working on site at the time of this four hour fair event.

Click here to request a Fair at your location


ACFC Mini-Presentations

Employees located in smaller locations can still receive the information and giveaways offered at fairs in a more contained format. The ACFC's 30-minute presentations are scheduled during work hours and offer an overview of the ACFC and Verizon life/work resources and benefits. This is a great format for garage locations.

ACFC – Advisory Council on Family Care