Pet Care

Pet Care Kit

It’s been well documented that having a pet can extend lives, teach children responsibility and provide companionship during difficult times. Emotional bonds with pets help us cope with stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure and help combat depression and other psychological ailments in adults and children. Once a pet is a part of the family, the items in this kit will make it easy and fun to care for them.

Kit Includes:

  • 3-Step Pet Lid
  • Scoop-It Bowl
  • Pet Rescue Sticker

Bored Pets? Not On Our Watch!

Walking; sitting; daycare and overnight boarding — all available through your ACFC Bright Horizons® benefit. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Local caregivers who will treat your pet like family
  • Easy-to-book options for both cats and dogs

All caregivers are provided by pet-care industry-leader, Rover. Watch a video to learn more about this tail-wagging new benefit.

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FAQs: Overview

Your employer has partnered with Bright Horizons® to help you better manage your many work, family, and personal responsibilities.

Pet Care through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ provides access to pet care support during a lapse or breakdown in normal care arrangements.

Benefit Details
Register and Reserve Pet Care by visiting your employer's Bright Horizons benefit website.

Pet Care

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care is a benefit offered by your company. It can be used anytime you need to be at work and you need help caring for a family member – even your pets.

Pet Care is a service available through your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care benefit that allows you to access pet care services for your dog or cat through a partnership with Rover. Rover’s services currently include:

  • Dog walking
  • Cat drop-ins
  • Overnight boarding
  • Pet sitting

Watch our video to learn more:

You must be registered for Bright Horizons Back-Up Care before you can make a reservation for Pet Care services. We strongly recommend that you register in advance so that you are ready to use the benefit when you need it. To register, visit:

Rover is an industry leader in Pet Care solutions. The Rover website and application connects dog and cat owners with loving caregivers across the US. Rover offers an extensive array of services, including overnight boarding, pet sitting, doggy daycare, dog walking, and cat drop-ins.

We want to make the experience as simple as possible! Simply login to the back-up care site

Once on the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care site, you will see a Pet Care button on the homepage. You will be prompted to provide details on which pet requires care including the name of your pet and the service you need. Once details have been provided, a coupon code will be displayed on the site. An email will also be sent to you with instructions on how to use your code.

Yes, because you will request the Rover coupon code for Pet Care use through the back-up care site. Log in or create an account at to access this program.

You will exchange a day of back-up care to receive a $150 credit to use on Rover.

The exchange on Rover varies based on service needed. Here’s a breakdown for what you can get for your $150 credit:

Organization 2.9 days
Dog Walking 6.5 walks
Doggy Daycare 4.3 days
Drop-In 5.0 days
House Sitting 2.3 days

Once your back-up care use has been exchanged and applied to your Rover account, your $150 credit will be available to use on services until you reach a $0 balance. You can exchange additional days of back-up care on your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care account. The number of days available for Pet Care exchange varies. Please see your back-up care account details to learn more.

It doesn’t cost you anything! Through a simple exchange, you can access the $150 credit to use on the Rover site. Tips can be provided to the caregiver at the user’s discretion.

For details on imputed income, please reach out to your HR department for more information.

No. Unfortunately, exchanges for Pet Care credit can only be submitted through the back-up care website.

Coupon codes cannot be applied to reservations scheduled or booked prior to your employer’s benefit launch. Please reach out to your HR department for more information on when this program became available for use.

Yes. The code you will receive through the back-up care site will expire 90 days from when the coupon code is converted to the $150 credit. The expiration date is also available on the homepage of your back-up care account.

When you request Pet Care through the back-up care site, you effectively “trade” a use of back-up care for Pet Care. At that point, the $150 coupon with Rover is credited and cannot be cancelled. Each sitter has a different cancellation policy. To learn more, visit Rover’s sitter cancellation support page.