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Family care, academics, personal responsibilities — we’ve got it all covered.

  • Full-time child care with waitlist priority and waived registration fees
  • Convenient back-up child care in centers and at home
  • In-home back-up care for adult & elder loved ones
  • Easy back-up care booking online
  • Sitters, pet care, housekeepers, and more through free access to Sittercity
  • Personalized nanny placement service, plus before- and after-school programs
  • One-on-one virtual tutoring and enrichment programs for your child

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FAQs: Overview

Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports

Your employer has partnered with Bright Horizons® to help you better manage your many work,
family, and personal responsibilities.

Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports™ offers discounts on top child care, tutoring, elder care, summer camp, and STEM learning providers for your family. Services include:

  • Free premium access to Sittercity, a fantastic solution for finding babysitters, pet care providers, and housekeepers
  • Discounts on a local, personalized placement service that will help you find a full-time nanny
  • Discounts on tutoring, STEM programs, summer camps, and small-group classes for school-age children
  • Exclusive elder caregiving resources
  • Special privileges for full-time child care, such as preferred enrollment and waived registration fees at Bright Horizons centers

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Please Note: Current Offerings Provided under Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports are subject to change. Check your benefit site for details on the current program.

Enhanced Family Supports Overview

Through Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports, your employer provides you with resources x`to help you secure your own ongoing family care, including:

  • Premium online tools through Sittercity for finding and connecting with:
    • Babysitters for regular and weekend care (including children with special needs)
    • Adult and elder companion caregivers
    • Pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and related service providers
    • Housekeepers
  • Personalized support finding a vetted full-time nanny that’s matched to your family’s needs — with discounted placement fees
  • Elder care resources, planning, and senior housing search tools
  • Preferred enrollment and waived registration fees at select Bright Horizons child care centers
  • Tuition savings for full-time care at select partner centers in our child care network
  • Discounted academic support, tutoring, test prep, and STEM programs from top national providers
  • Access to family-favorite summer and school break camps and before- and after-school programs with exclusive savings

Babysitters & Housekeepers

Your free premium Sittercity membership enables you to quickly find babysitters, housekeepers, pet care, and more, and includes unlimited basic background checks at no cost. The service also includes online forums, tools, and resources that will help you choose someone that meets your preferences and needs for occasional and everyday child care, care for children with special needs, household help, and even dog walkers.

Anyone. Since you are responsible for all arrangements and costs, you can use these tools and resources to self-select care through Sittercity for anyone you want, as many times as you want.

To access these tools and resources, go to your Bright Horizons benefit page and navigate to the “Find Sitters” or Sittercity tile. This will bring you to your employer’s Sittercity homepage, where you will create a username and password to gain access and begin to search for the solution to your care needs.

No. Your use of Sittercity does not impact your back-up care use allowance. Many people find that Sittercity is a great solution for finding care once you have used all of the annual back-up care visits available through your employer.

No, you do not have to re-register. You can use your existing username and password to access the Sittercity website. Simply contact the Sittercity Membership Services team at 1-888-748-2489 to have your personal account moved under your employer’s account.

Please contact Sittercity Membership Services at 1-888-748-2489 for help with receiving a pro-rated refund.

The cost of care varies based on geographic region, type, number of children or pets, and age of care recipients (i.e., infant care prices often differ from the cost of care for school-age children). Sittercity offers a rate calculator in the Trust and Safety Center, which can help you determine market pricing for the services you need. You can indicate a preferred hourly rate when posting a job and work with caregivers that best fit your financial requirements.

Sittercity has a variety of filters to help match caregivers to your needs and preferences. You can also browse caregiver profiles, which may include pictures, references, and reviews. In addition, you can run unlimited basic background checks at no charge through your employer benefit, and receive discounts on enhanced background checks.

You can run basic background checks for free through your employer benefit, receive discounts on enhanced background checks, and view results of those you previously completed.

Yes. You can get an enhanced background check for an additional fee (ranging from $20-$60).

You can call Sittercity at 888-748-2489 or email support@sittercity.com.

Center-Based Child Care

Preferred Enrollment allows you to gain access to available full-time child care spaces in Bright Horizons centers ahead of the general community.

Discounts are not offered at Bright Horizons centers.

Your registration fee at Bright Horizons centers is waived through Preferred Enrollment. When selecting a center from your Bright Horizons benefits page, download the available coupon, print it, and bring it with you when you visit.

Yes. If you enroll your child at a new Bright Horizons center location that accepts Preferred Enrollment, your registration fee will be waived. This is also true for enrolling multiple children.

Your Bright Horizons benefit provides you with a discount of up to 10% off child care tuition at participating centers in our partner network (excludes Bright Horizons centers).

Tuition discounts vary by center, and in some cases are available only for children ages 2 and older. Check with your preferred network center for details.

If you are currently enrolled in a participating network center that offers a tuition discount, please reach out to your center director to inquire about your Bright Horizons discount. Some discounts are only available for new enrollments. Please refer to your benefit website to identify the discounts available to you. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Visit your Bright Horizons benefit page and navigate to the “Secure Full-Time Care in a Quality Child Care Center” or “Child Care Centers” tile. This will bring you to the center search feature, where you will be able to browse and explore center options in your area.

We make every effort to accommodate care recipients with special needs, which may include physical, emotional, or developmental challenges.

Nanny Placement

This service is offered through Jovie and starts with a family consultation to establish your family’s unique needs. After signing up with a local Jovie office, they will evaluate your schedule, your children’s ages, job duties, interests, and desired experience and attributes for your perfect nanny. As candidates are identified, you will receive an electronic profile for review and then arrangements will be made for your interviews. Jovie will follow up with both your family and the candidate to ensure both parties feel it is a great fit before moving forward. After selection, orientation will be provided for the new nanny and Jovie is available to help with the process of settling in for an exceptional experience. The discounted nanny placement fee and hourly charges for care will be paid by you directly to the local Jovie office.

To connect with Jovie, visit your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to “Nanny Placement.” This will bring you to the Jovie website, where you can submit a short inquiry form. Your local Jovie office will make contact within 48 hours to begin the consultation process.

Most nannies have completed some type of post-secondary education. Many are either current college students or recent college graduates.

A comprehensive background screen is conducted by an accredited national background screening agency and includes state and federal criminal history, National Sex Offender database check, and address history. This is completed as part of the nanny placement service at no additional fee. During initial orientation, all nannies must take training courses on child safety, security, child development, and age appropriate fun. For ongoing training, Jovie offers videos, print resources, resource directories, the most up-to-date tools available, and the ongoing professional guidance of the local Jovie team. You can also elect to be matched with a nanny who is trained as a learning coach to support students with online instruction — see more information below.

Jovie works quickly to find you a great nanny. This process usually takes up to 12 weeks and may vary depending on your family’s unique needs.

You will receive $300 or 30% off nanny placement fees, whichever is greater. Please note, placement fees vary and are subject to change.

Jovie provides a replacement nanny at no additional charge, if required for any reason, during the first 12 weeks of the placement.

You can call Jovie at 952-653-1357.

Elder Care

Years Ahead connects you with elder care tools and resources — including search tools and referrals. Your Bright Horizons benefits include free access to this online elder care platform.

Through Years Ahead, you can take a needs assessment online for your loved one, learn about elder care options, access elder care resources, and get guidance in finding senior care providers near you or your loved one.

To access these tools and resources, visit your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to “Find Elder Care” or “Years Ahead” tile. This will direct you to your employer’s Sittercity homepage. Select Years Ahead in the Membership Activation form, and then create a username and password to gain access.

Sittercity and Years Ahead have separate registrations.

Through Years Ahead, you can search a nationwide network of senior care providers that includes in-home agencies, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care, and nursing homes. You can browse providers’ profiles, which may include program information, photos, experience and capabilities, pricing, and reviews. The site also offers articles, cost calculators, and other tools to help you make informed decisions about care for your loved one.

Customer support is available by email at support@yearsahead.com or by phone at 877-719-3056. Support hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT.

The Years Ahead customer support team can help with a range of requests, including but not limited to: registration questions, help using the site, information on available resources, how to pay for senior care, and understanding the different kinds of senior care available.

There is no cost to use the Years Ahead website. The cost of care through the Years Ahead agencies and facilities will vary based on the level of care and, in the case of in-home providers, the number of hours per week. Agencies and facilities listed on Years Ahead will provide cost information directly to you in response to your inquiry.

Steve & Kate’s Camp

Enroll your child in camp spaces at Steve & Kate’s locations across the country, with an exclusive discount.

Steve & Kate’s runs camps that operate around your needs, where kids take chances and shape their experience, choosing from a number of creative, active, enriching, and — of course — fun activities each day. Built for working families, Steve & Kate’s operates on a flexible model with refunds for any unused passes at the end of the summer.

Visit your Bright Horizons benefits page, then navigate to the “Camp” or “Summer Days Camps” tile. You’ll be guided to Steve & Kate’s registration to set up your account and activate your special savings.

After 40 years of running camp, Steve & Kate’s has a knack for finding caring counselors who are ready to roll up their sleeves, play hard, and champion kids’ passions. All counselors are background checked and CPR/First Aid Certified; plus, they get ongoing training and support from camp directors.

Get $10 off per day when you reserve a week or multiple weeks of camp. Or enroll your child for the whole summer and get $300 off.

Please reach out to your local Steve & Kate's team with any questions! Visit the Steve & Kate’s site via your Bright Horizons benefits page and select your preferred location to see contact details for the local team

Before- and After-School Programs

Enroll your child in safe, engaging, and meaningful extracurricular programs to support their learning and provide you with peace of mind. Get discounts for Right at School programs — on-site at participating school campuses across the country

Right at School offers before- and after-school programs on-site at elementary and middle schools across the country. Students attend daily Right at School programs in the same school they attend for daytime instruction without the need for transportation to an off-site location.

Visit your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to the “Before- and After-School Care”section on the site. This will take you to the Right at School site, where you can click “Find Your Program” to see if programs are offered at your child’s school

Right at School staff are dedicated and experienced educators with a passion for working with children. As part of their focus on safety, all employees must pass rigorous background checks and meet local school district requirements. In addition, their commitment to providing enriching 11 ©2022 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLCLast Updated: November 2022 academic and social experiences is supported by extensive professional development, training, and mentorship for all Right at School educators.

You get a 20% discount on Right at School programs.

Contact your local program with questions. Visit the “Find your program” feature via your Bright Horizons benefits page and select your local program from the list for contact details. Or call 855-AT-SCHOOL.

Pet Care

As part of your free Sittercity membership, you can easily use the online database to find options for all your pet care needs — dog walking; coordinating check-ins, visits, pick-ups, and drop-offs; pet sitters and/or overnight care; bathing, grooming, and training resources; and more.

Visit your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to the tile that mentions pet care. This will bring you to your employer’s Sittercity homepage — if you do not currently have an account, you will create a username and password to gain access and begin to search for the solution to your pet care needs.

Post a job listing or use the search filter to find just the right fit for you and your pet. Access information and screen potential candidates based on years of experience, completed background checks, regular and short-notice availability, type(s) of pets cared for, and more.

You can call Sittercity at 888-748-2489 or email support@sittercity.com

Education Support and Tutoring

Your Bright Horizons benefit gives you easy access to high-quality tutoring, test-prep, and academic support providers, offering a variety of online and in-person options with exclusive discounts.

Go to your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to the “Education Support” or “Tutoring and Education” section to explore and access the providers outlined below.

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep offers premium academic support and test preparation for students in grades K-12, including: personalized tutoring with a curriculum tailored to each child’s needs and interests; Revolution Math, a story-based math curriculum that takes students on an epic journey; and step-by-step test preparation with a full-time, highly trained tutor.

You receive a 20% discount off tutoring rates. You pay between $79 and $159 per hour for oneon-one tutoring with the discount, depending on the experience level of the tutor and the number of sessions purchased. A five-hour package for small-group tutoring is $159 with the discount. You also receive 33% off Revolution Math.

You can call Revolution Prep at 877-738-7737.

Varsity Tutor

Varsity Tutors offers virtual tutoring in one-on-one and small group formats on more than 3,000 subjects. When families sign up, they are assigned an educational consultant who helps identify the best tutor for their needs from more than 40,000 available tutors and instructors. Also offered are hundreds of enriching online classes, camps, and extracurriculars for children ages 5-18, as well as online learning tools including instant homework help, adaptive testing, and learning labs

You receive a 20% discount off most programs. With Varsity Tutors, one-on-one tutoring starts around $50 per hour with the discount. Discounted group classes start at $10 per hour, with an average price of $20 per hour.

You can call Varsity Tutors at 800-828-6354.

Sylvan Learning

Sylvan offers in-person and virtual tutoring designed around a child’s strengths and needs, and aligned with state standards. Sylvan tutors take a three-step approach to working with students: first creating a learning plan, then adapting the plan to the child’s skill level and pace, and finally applying that learning plan to directly impact their success in school.

Sylvan Learning has certified teachers who know how to challenge and inspire children. Teachers are versed in their curriculum, and Sylvan’s curriculum aligns with state and provincial standards.

You receive 15% off most Sylvan services.

You can contact your preferred Sylvan location with questions. To do so, start by filling out the form and selecting the location of your choice, or the virtual option, from the drop-down menu.

Academic Enrichments And Stem Programs

Your Bright Horizons benefit gives you discounted access to a range of hands-on, fun, and educational learning programs for your child, offering a variety of online and in-person options for ages 3-14.

Go to your Bright Horizons benefits page and navigate to the “Enrichments for Your Family” or “Tutoring & Education” section to explore and access the providers outlined below.

MarcoPolo Learning

MarcoPolo World School is a learning app featuring award-winning STEAM and literacy content designed by early education specialists. The app includes more than 500 premium video lessons and 3,000 interactive learning activities.

You receive discounts of 20% off the monthly subscription and 64% off annual plans.

You can email MarcoPolo at support@marcopololearning.com.

Code Ninjas

At Code Ninjas, kids learn to code while building their own video games in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Kids gain confidence, logic, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Code Senseis are a mix of high school and college-age students with backgrounds in coding and education. They are trained to mentor young children, facilitate delivery of the curriculum, and transfer their own knowledge in a safe, constructive way.

You can save up to 20% off programs for children ages 7-14 at participating locations.

Contact your local Code Ninjas team with questions. Visit the Code Ninjas site via the Bright Horizons benefits page and then select a preferred location to see contact details for your local team.