Domestic Violence Awareness Training

Helpful Video Resources:

Telling Amy's Story

Told by the detective who led the case review, Telling Amy's Story follows the timeline of a domestic violence homicide that occurred in central Pennsylvania on November 8, 2001.

Monsters in the Closet

This animated video, brought to you by the Verizon Foundation and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, sheds light on the effects of domestic violence in the home, particularly on children.

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" I believe you" ........"It is not your fault"............"It looks like your eye is black & blue".......

As a male, you can have a powerful influence to reduce violence; e.g. by example, by speaking out.......

In the US, there are 3x as many animal shelters as there are battered women's shelters.

The most common source of injury among women is "physical abuse by male partners".