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The Advisory Council on Family Care(ACFC) understands that educating your child can be a very stressful and time-consuming task for the entire family. We are pleased to announce a new educational counseling benefit to support you through these challenges! ACFC has partnered with College Coach, the nation's leading provider of employer-sponsored educational counseling services. The College Coach benefit has guided many families through important educational challenges, such as:

  • Selecting the right college savings plan
  • Determining the best way to pay for college
  • Navigating the complex college admissions process

The program consists of live training webinar events, personalized assistance, and in-depth online resources – offering the flexibility to learn in the style that suits you best. This benefit is sponsored by ACFC and provided at no cost to all members and their families.

Here’s How College Coach Can Help You & Your Student

High School Seniors & College:
Keep track of deadlines and submit early applications, prepare for the FAFSA, & complete the CSS profile

High School Juniors:
Think about what’s most important in a potential college, and build your college list

Early High School:
Attend college fairs and start thinking about options; set family college savings goals

Early Years:
Explore Roth IRAs, and get tips on saving for retirement and college at the same time

Plan ahead and incorporate student loan payments into your budget

How to get started

  1. Visit the College Coach Portal
  2. Click on “SIGN UP”
  3. Enter your one-time employer
  4. Enter your one-time employer (case sensitive)

Note: Your Account Profile/Student Info must be complete to register for any events.

See below for more detailed information regarding College Coach services:

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Live Webinar Events

College Coach provides 60- to 90-minute presentations highlighting important college admissions and college finance strategy topics for parents. Events are held via live webinar broadcast for all members, and registration is required to receive materials and access information. Please visit the "Live Events" section of the College Coach Portal for additional information and to register for upcoming events.

For the 2024 Live Event schedule, click here

Personalized Assistance

College Coach admissions and finance experts are available to provide personalized assistance customized to your needs, including scheduled appointments and brief, specific questions. For more information, please select "Phone Counseling" or "Quick Questions" on the College Coach Portal.

Essay Review and Critique

ACFC members and their families may upload college application essays and activity resumes for review by college admissions experts via the College Coach Portal.

Customized College List Development (for parents of 11th graders)

College Coach admissions experts will compile a custom list of colleges that are well-suited to your student! The college list questionnaire asks for preferences regarding college size, location, setting, and academic interests. This information, combined with your student's high school transcript and standardized test results, will allow a team of experts to create a baseline list of 25–30 schools that meet your criteria. Please visit the College Coach Portal to begin the questionnaire.

The Learning Center

College Coach provides this online learning environment where employees can access interactive videos and other resources – it's a great way to bring the benefits home for full family involvement! The Learning Center is accessible via the College Coach Portal – please visit often, as content is continually updated. Topics available in the Learning Center include:

  • Saving for College (for parents of newborns- 12th graders)
  • Paying for College: Scholarships & Loans (for parents of 9th-12th graders)
  • Paying for College: Financial Aid (for parents of 9th-12th graders)
  • The High School Plan (for parents of 9th-10th graders)
  • Selecting the Right College (for parents of 11th graders)
  • Preparing College Applications (for parents of 12th graders)

Questions? Contact College Coach directly at 866-467-2903, or e-mail

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