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ACFC – Advisory Council on Family Care

Because health is important

The ACFC is here
to help you manage
your work & family life.

The ACFC is a joint CWA and Verizon work/life committee serving the CWA-represented employees in the Mid-Atlantic region. We think diligently about how to help you with your work, life, and family responsibilities. We accomplish this by providing resources, securing programs and offering toolkits with the bargained for money we recieve.

The ACFC includes members from management and the union who work together to develop resources that will help you manage your day-to-day responsibilities.

ACFC Connection E-Newsletter

View or print a copy of the latest monthly ACFC E-Newsletter. The newsletter is full of tidbits, links, and specific information about resources located on our website.

Download/Request Printed Materials

If you don't have access to a printer at your home or work location, send a request to have printed materials mailed to you. Otherwise, click on the links and print hard copies of flyers that appeal to you and information you need.

Our Mission

Since 1986, the ACFC has been responsible for researching, developing, evaluating, funding, monitoring, deploying, and communicating programs and initiatives for community development programs to increase and expand family care services and educational programs in the communities where employees reside or work and much more.

Resources for School Age Children

My Tutor, Back-Up Care, College Coach, Kid's Essentials
Explore all of the Bright Horizons programs available to you. click here

ACFC Health & Wellness
Reimbursement Program

The ACFC has increased the reimbursement amount to $150.00 for qualifying gym memberships or weight management programs from January-June 2022.

See details at ACFC Health and Wellness Reimbursement Program.

Anthem EAP Monthly Feature

Many parents face challenges as the summer winds down and back to school is on the horizon. Whether related to school, childcare, or other areas, your EAP offers a wide range of support and resources at no cost to you, to help you. Click here
Visit this month to find out more.
Click here for Anthem's 2022 Wellness Seminars Schedule.

Elder Care Resources

Taking care of an older relative? Need someone to come and be with them while you are at work? Back-up Care Advantage is here to help you care for your loved ones when you are unable to.

Anthem EAP has a lot of Aging/Elder Care resources.

Back-Up Care Advantage

High-quality, affordable care when regular care arrangements fall through. Back-Up Care can be used for all ages.
User name: VerizonCWA
Password: care4you

College Coach and
Kid's Essentials

The College Coach program consists of live training webinar events, personalized assistance, and in-depth online resources to help your child in their education journey. Click here to learn more.
The Kid's Essentials program provides parents/caregivers with expert information to research, advocate for, and support your child in overcoming any educational hurdles. Click here to learn more.

Featured Programs

01. Back-Up Care

Have a backup plan whenever your regular child care or adult care plans fall through.

02. College Coach

The Advisory Council on Family Care(ACFC) understands that educating your child can be a very stressful and time-consuming task for the entire family.

03. Active Parenting

Get access to unique parenting resources such as an online class and access to an online video library.

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ACFC Ambassadors are volunteers who serve as a point of contact at the local level in a specific work location.

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